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Space-Time Fusion through the Integration
of the Spaces

The Identification of the Musical Force-Fields

But also when a tone identifies with a motif, or a motif with a sequence, the feeling of the space-time fusion dominates our musical awareness, and we experience a genuine mental-spiritual enlivenment.

Musical-Creative Phase Transitions

These are musical-creative phase transitions, by which an abeyance is generated in the world of feeling, in the world of understanding, and between the worlds of feeling and understanding.

Here, opposing forces cancel each other out; here, the meaning of “opposing” is suspended; here, the manifold pairs of opposites create an image of multiplicity on the level of unity; here, on the level of our feeling and understanding, we experience the completely lievely silence.

Re-emerging from this deep lively silence we are permeated by the life-giving source of complete musical-creative fulfilment.

Space and Time: Ruling the Infinity of Music Together

In music, time is the great partner of space.
Time and space are so intimately connected with each other that they always appear together.
In the classical music creation the unity of time and space lives as the playful togetherness of two natures made for each other, who together govern infinity with great competence.