In this way this great teacher of men, Confucius, gives also to the present members of the conventional universities in their voluntary intellectual-emotional limitation to their first three limited states of consciousness an important advice to take with them on their way:

“Do not destroy the heavenly by the humanly!
Do not exterminate your life for any purposes!
Do not strive for glory at the cost of your inside,
rather preserve it and be on your guard, not to lose it.
This I call:
to come back to the truly essential.”

Therefore Plato demands from the university to absolutely take this way with the help of their sciences, when he says:

“The sciences should only be taught,
inasmuch they contribute
to aligning the soul to the higher existence,
to the eternally true ideas ...
Only if they do this, they should be taught.”

EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY OF MEDITATION: But this, in its essence, is: “meditation” – authentic meditation contributes with scientific methodology essentially “to aligning the soul to the eternally true ideas.”!

SCIENCES AND ARTS WORLD CENTER: Then this meditation fulfils completely Plato’s demand to the sciences; then this authentic meditation – it makes sense that you call it like this – concerns that science which, according to Plato, alone should be taught.

EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY OF YOGA: But then also the Yoga fulfils completely Plato’s demand on the sciences; then also the “authentic” Yoga – like the authentic meditation – concerns that science, which, according to Plato, alone should be taught.

YOGA WORLD FORUM: Mr. Hübner, how would you – as seen from the educational system of the University of the Future – define the Yoga?

PETER HÜBNER:  The University of the Future, as is known, has its own faculty of Classic Meditation and of Classic Yoga.

Besides there will also be a UNIVERSITY OF MEDITATION and a UNIVERSITY OF YOGA, which are responsible for the programs of the mentioned faculties of Classic Meditation and of Classic Yoga in the other universities.

In his study of the higher states of consciousness at the UNIVERSITY OF MEDITATION and UNIVERSITY OF YOGA as well as at the UNIVERSITY OF THE FUTURE the student will cognize the Yoga authentically out of his very own strength:

As that state, where his soul by virtue of his self and with the help of the harmony laws – via his inner cosmic human powers intellect, feeling, understanding and senses – has enlisted his mind and his body for the cause of universal evolution.

This natural unity is the practical experience of Yoga – is this experience not there then it is not the authentic Yoga. On this comments also the famous, legendary European master of Yoga, Patanjali.

Peter Huebner - 1st Cycle - 1st Song

The CDs pic­tured here on the pages of the in­tro­duc­tion are parts of the core-pro­gram of the Uni­ver­sity of the Fu­ture and are sup­posed to give you a prac­ti­cal in­sight into how the edu­ca­tion-pro­gram for the de­vel­op­ment of the higher states of con­scious­ness is struc­tured; at the same time they shall sup­port your in­ner cos­mic hu­man pow­ers feel­ing, un­der­stand­ing and in­tel­lect in an in­te­gra­ted man­ner while you are read­ing and un­der­stand­ing the text's con­tent – in the same way as they are to sup­port the in­te­gra­ted un­der­stand­ing of more com­plex re­la­tion­ships, and hence the ex­pan­sion of con­scious­ness, in the frame­work of the over­all pro­gram of the Uni­ver­sity of the Fu­ture.