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The Secret Ruler of All Music

The Musical Supremacy of the Harmony within the Listener’s View

Now we realized that in reality it is the harmony which, as if almighty, determines the sounding destinies of the musical tone-space through the sequences and the motifs.

The Infinite Flow of Pure Music

However, as we became music creators in the musical force-field of the harmony, we made yet another, very different experience: on the level of a completely new capability of cognition we found that, beyond the relative musical process of gaining knowledge – the only one we had experienced so far – which extended from the musical sound-space through the motif and sequence-spaces to the space of the harmony, there was yet another, independent, absolute realm of music in its own right, which was flowing along with the greatest of ease, detached from all relative musical happening, in an infinite stream of pure music beyond space and time in a so newly discovered world of the absolute Now, and produced before our creative eye, which suddenly perceived by completely new standards, musical worlds of such boundless diversity that, in comparison, all our past musical knowledge appeared to us like a mere speck of dust as against the whole universe.

The Listener at the Peak of the
Musical Process of Knowing

Knowing before only the relative process of gaining knowledge in the realm of music, we had not at all expected this absolute world of music. This insight took us by surprise, and it did so only after we had thoroughly established ourselves with our tools of cognition, feeling and understanding, on the level of pure self-awareness.

The Great Phase Transition in the
Musical Gaining Knowledge

This newly discovered, absolute world of music in the realm of our pure self-awareness unveiled a completely new dimension to us newly awakened music creators. Looking back, we may even say: had someone told us about this total music experience, most probably we had considered it not only hypothetical and unproven, but perhaps even completely unprovable!

For from our steps of relative gaining musical knowledge we would not have dared to conclude such most unusual and, almost divine dimension of music.