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The Authentic Musical Statement

Music-Listening Becomes Music-Creating
Transformation from Cognition to Creativity

When, in this process of refinement of listening, our forces of cognition advance to the field of greatest musical subtlety and most comprehensive musical order, then our intellect, our feeling, and our understanding reach the level of the energy and intelligence of pure self-awareness.

In this moment our intellect awakens in its synthesizing function, and what used to be our musical analysis so far, turns suddenly into musical synthesizing what used to be our listening to music so far, turns spontaneously into creating music: our universal gaining of knowledge becomes a creative development of knowledge.

The Natural Unity of Harmony and Self-Awareness

The road of knowledge to the unity of the musical meaning led our intellect systematically to the experience of our pure self-consciousness, because the musical insight into the world of the harmony is automatically linked with the experience of pure self-consciousness.

Through the cognitive forces of our feeling, the self-knowledge stirred our natural creative potential, and so, from the level of our pure self-awareness – from the space of the harmony – through the sequence-spaces, through the motif-spaces, and through the musical sound-space we made deductions in steps from the natural unity of our inner musical creative forces to the multiplicity of a new inner creation of music.

This is the moment when we realize that we are universally creative.