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Music-Analysis and Music-Synthesis

The Dual Function of the Intellect in the Cognition of Truth

The technique of comparison is based on the dual function of our intellect which we previously described as being on the one hand:
  1. our intellect in its function of understanding, where our understanding, with its analytical means, strives for more and more comprehensive truth; and on the other hand
  2. our intellect in its function of feeling, where our feeling expands creatively towards the multiplicity of our understanding and, in this process, carries the natural diversity of our inner, imaginative creative process into our understanding.

At the same time, these two processes of musical cognition – outer cognition during the process of cognizing and inner cognition during the process of intuitive creating – are submitted to a comparison by our self-awareness.

Thus, our intellect, our feeling and understanding, are integrated towards the level of pure self-awareness and are thereby raised musically into the field of the harmony; for only in this absolute musical force-field of the harmony our tools of cognition can make a perfect comparison between the unity and the diversity of music.

The Eigenfunction of Gaining Knowledge

This comparison between the insights of our feeling and of our understanding puts our intellect, and therewith our process of knowing, into the state of a self-sufficient eigenfunction.

And in terms of this twofold musical cognition of truth, our intellect swings within itself – on the level of the harmony laws of the microcosm of the Creator, or of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music or the harmony laws of the microcosm of Almighty Nature respectively.