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The Image of Musical Beauty

The unified field of the levels of musical parameters

When the three spheres of organization – the motif-technique, the sequence-technique, and the harmony-technique – execute their full individual sovereignty over their respective worlds, the fascination of the outer lively figures of motifs and sequences arises.

If, however, the three custodians of law, the motif technique, the sequence technique, and the harmony technique, govern the musical events in complete union from the level of harmony, the very image of beauty in music arises within the listener.

The Science of the Laws of Coordination in Music

The principles of perfect beauty in music develop only from the complete union of the ruling forces in music; thus, beauty reveals itself as the expression of integration itself – as the standard of perfect coordination, and the field of music aesthetics, we find, is the science of the laws of coordination.

The Level of Realization of Musical Beauty

The stronger the unity of the ruling musical parameters is realized and the higher the integration of the parameter levels controlled, the clearer the infinite beauty of music reveals itself.

The Coordination of Harmony-Technique and Sequence

The harmony-technique is the world of the innermost and most comprehensive laws of the musical event. The sequence applies these laws in the social orders of music. It inspires and guides the individual motifs according to these laws.

The Unified Field of all Musical Laws

Within the harmony all laws are united: the comprehensive laws of the harmony-technique, as well as the less comprehensive laws of the sequence-technique, and the even less comprehensive laws of the melody-technique and of the motif-technique.