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Control over the Composition

Balance of the Heat and the Cold-Producing Devices

However, this integration of feeling and understanding is so vital to the musician for yet another reason: a balanced relationship between the warming force of the feeling and the cooling force of the understanding within the composition – so that the listener is not overthrown by uncontrolled ice-cold or glowing-hot waves, which would unnecessarily shock his inner perception.

The Coordinating Power

Therefore, it is a further fundamental step in practical music education to develop the coordinating power of the intellect which takes a harmonizing, mediating position between the integrative feeling and the differentiating understanding, and which furthermore keeps the musical elements together as well as apart – those elements which have been distinguished from one another by the power of differentiation.

This will be the systematic, scientifically founded cultivation of the coordinative functioning of our intellect.

Feeling and Understanding in Musical Function

With the aid of the free formative will, which is rooted in the self-awareness, the feeling and understanding are put into function so that together they forge the composition on the level of the mind: for the joy of the self of the composer, and as a nourishment for the self of the listener, to bring him happiness.

Timeless Truth in the Course of Time

The skill of the free sovereignty over the free creativity is the ability to clad timeless truth into the garments of time, and in its timelessness make it accessible again to the contemporary listener.

The Pioneer of the Creative Man

By systematically culturing his inner formative will, step-by-step man is appointed to his task in human dignity – be it in the field of music, be it in the field of science or be it in the field of education.

Therefore the free inner formative will also exerts a strong influence on our personal life, on our individual path through life.