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The Counterpoint

Individual Paths of Destiny in an Interwoven Musical Presentation

Whereas the melody describes the individual journey of man on his path of evolution, polyphony describes many such paths in their combination.

This is called “counterpoint.”

The High Art of the Counterpoint

The high art of the counterpoint lies in not only considering individual paths of destiny, but in combining many of them and allowing them to act and react with each other; this creates a much greater variety of experience.

True Polyphony

In true polyphony, the individual motif in its development not only affects the unfoldment of other life paths, but it also merges its own path of destiny so intimately with the paths of unfoldment of the other motifs that it embodies the vitality of all the others.

The Art of the Fugue

Through the perfect integration of the polyphonic parameters the listener experiences in the high art of the fugue how all the energies which he needs for the full use of his free creative will, for the mastery over his personal path of destiny, can flow to him naturally and spontaneously from the life impulses of his fellow men.

The Supreme Mastery of the Counterpoint in the Fugue

Through the high art of the fugue – through the supreme mastery of the counterpoint, through the integrated mastery over the polyphonic parameters – polyphony thus describes the objective, comprehensive view of our interwoven paths of destiny as we proceed on our way to complete individual and social freedom.